Potty Training Chart for Toddlers Boys & Girls - A Dinosaur Potty Chart


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  • Postive Reinforcement Potty Training Sticker Chart - A potty training chart is a fillable chart or calendar that documents and celebrates your child’s bathroom progress and successes. Our unique dinosaur design potty training chart are effective in motivating your child to engage in positive action instead of controlling their behavior, providing a fun, confidence boosting learning experience that gives them a sense of self when ditching diapers the diapers.

  • Effective Rewarding System for Your Baby - Potty training reward for toddlers such as dinosaur stickers is a great way to encourage your toddler. Potty Chart includes 35 sturdy and reusable dinosaur stickers that kids love to earn. Follow the potty chart for training moments and each time your child completes a task, put a sticker on the milestones he has reached! Once your kid fills up all 5 rows you can reward him with something extra special like a fun day out, crown or bigger toy car.

  • Make Potty Training Fun & Motivating - Think about what will appeal most to your little one like a sticker chart, reward crown or a fun “going to the potty” song you make up together. These fun ways to start potty training can help build excitement for your toddler. With a positive attitude, lots of love and the ability to find shared joy in each little success, it can be a great experience for you both! As long as he’s happy, the motivation to keep potty training should continue.

  • A Great Baby Gift Idea - Not sure what gift to pick for your best friend's baby? This original dinosaur toilet potty training set comes in a cute gift box that you can gift for any soon-to-be-parent or any caring mother. We are sure that they will be glad to have this awesome training chart and it will show them you care.

  • Satisfied Customer Service - Babysland focuses on high-quality and personalized designs for babies, providing the reusable dinosaur sticker chart for kids potty training. If you have any questions or concerns during use. Please contact us and we will respond promptly within 24 hours. We’ll do everything to make you satisfied with your purchase.

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