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  • DISPOSABLE LAB COATS FOR ADULTS MEDIUM are frequently used in medical and industrial applications such as cleaning, painting, providing protection from splashes or dry particles. Disposable lab coats with pockets are durable, comfortable, easy to put on. Quantity: 10 disposable lab coats knee length.

  • CONVENIENT CONSTRUCTION: Unisex disposable lab gowns are made from anti-static and fluid-resistant SMS 40 gsm, making them strong yet comfortable to wear. Protective adult lab coat white comes with knit collar, cuffs, plastic snaps, and pockets for added convenience and style.

  • ANTI-STATIC AND FLUID RESISTANT: Medical disposable gown keeps you comfortable, offers reliable protection, and assures comfort. These protective disposable scrubs provide excellent long wearing efficiency and are latex-free.

  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: White fluid resistant lab coat covers your body and clothing and creates a physical barrier to the transfer of dirt and dust.

  • WIDE RANGE OF USES: Disposable lab coat is used in various industries, perfect for light-duty and medium-duty applications, including food processing and food service. Non-sterile lab gowns are good for workers in electronic workplaces, restaurants, hotels, and catering.

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